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Ancient History / Indus Valley Civilization

End of Indus Valley Civilization

By 1750 BC, there was the end of Indus valley civilization. Various hypotheses were postulated by different historians and archaeologists regarding the decline of Indus valley civilization.

  • According to the hypothesis proposed by Mortimer Wheeler, a former Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India, Aryans have destroyed the Indus valley civilization.

  • British archaeologist, H.T. Lambrick believes that drying up of rivers and change in course of rivers destroyed Indus valley civilization. To support his theory, he says that the present day site of Mohenjo-daro is located 30 km away from the River Indus.

    According to his view, the people of the city of Mohenjodaro and the surrounding villages deserted the area as there was scarcity of water.

  • According to archaeologist, George F. Dales, floods have destroyed Indus valley civilization.

  • According to Walter A. Fairservice, precarious economic situation got raised due to ecological degradation which finally led to the destruction of Indus valley civilization. Water, soil, trees, etc. were exploited heavily leading to imbalances like deforestation, soil erosion, etc.

  • Robert L. Raikes believes that deaths might have happened by natural causes like earthquakes due to tectonic plates movements. He proposes that natural causes are responsible for destruction of Indus valley civilization.

  • Modern historians believe that the Indus Valley culture is still continuing. Till today, we worship Mother Goddess and still there exists class distinction in Indian society. They believe that only cities got destroyed but not the culture.