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Ancient History / Post-Mauryan Era

Kanva Dynasty

    The founder of Kanva dynasty, also called Kanvayanas, is Vasudeva Kanva, who was a Brahmin by caste. He established the dynasty by killing Devabhuti of Shunga dynasty.

    • During the reign of later rulers, Shunga dynasty was troubled by personal and civil disturbances. Yavanas became strong again. In South, Satavahanas declared independence. Shakas had strong hold in some regions. At this juncture, Vasudeva Kanva overthrew the Shunga dynasty. But the princes of Shunga dynasty could defend some parts of Shunga kingdom and continued to rule from Besnagar (modern Vidisha).

    • Kanvas believe that they are descendants of Kanva Rishi. In total, there were four kings from this dynasty. Kanvas ruled from Pataliputra.

    • Bhumimitra, son of Vasudeva, succeeded him. Coins were discovered from Panchala region bearing the legend Bhumimitra. Bhumiputra was succeeded by his son Narayana.

    • Narayana was being succeeded by his son Susarman. He was the last king of Kanva dynasty. Kanva dynasty was overthrown by Satavahana dynasty.