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Modern History / Arrival of Europeans

Arrival of Dutch in India

The people of Netherlands are called Dutch. The arrival of Dutch in India started when Dutch east India company was got established in 1602.

Dutch Colonies in India

The following places were the Dutch colonies in India

  • Machilipatnam (first Dutch factory in India, 1605), Nizampatnam (Guntur) and Bhimili all in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Balasore in Odisha, Chinsurah in Bengal, Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, Pulicat in Andhra Pradesh - Tamil Nadu boarder.

In 1690, the headquarters of the Dutch settlements in India was shifted from Pulicat to Nagapattinam. Dutch governor of Indonesia was also the governor for the Dutch in India. In 1759, at Biderra in Bengal, a war was fought between the Dutch and the British and the Dutch settlements were captured by the British. With this action Dutch were expelled from India eventually.

Arrival of Danes in India

  • Danes came from Denmark and Norway region of Europe.

  • They were humble traders and they never involved in politics or war.

  • Their first settlement was Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu in 1620. Danish headquarters was located in Serampore (Bengal).

  • In 1845, they were forced to sell their settlements to British East India Company.