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Wavell Plan 1945

Lord Wavell was the Governor General who proposed the Wavell Plan in 1945 which is also called Breakdown Plan.

Wavell Plan and Shimla Conference

The objective of Wavell Plan was

  • Out of the 14 members of the Executive Council that is to be formed at the Centre, 1 will be a British who will be looking after Defence and 13 members are to be Indians. The Viceroy and the Commander-in-Chief will be British.

  • Out of 13 Executive Council members, 6 will be Muslim members and the remaining 7 will be non-Muslim members.

  • 13 members will be nominated by Congress party and All India Muslim League.

On 24th June, 1945, a conference was held at Shimla, called Shimla Conference to discuss about the Wavell Plan and to convey Indians that the British Government is willing to give India the dominion status very soon.

Shimla conference 1945 failed because of lack of consensus. Jinnah demanded that all the 6 Muslim members are to be from All India Muslim League.

Wavell Plan 1945 is considered as a big step towards freedom of India as it tried to give almost complete power to Indians.