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Modern History / Socio-religious Reform Movements

Islamic Reform Movements in India

During the rule of British there were many Islamic reform movements started in India like Wahabi Movement, Deoband Movement, Aligarh Movement, etc.

Wahabi Movement in India

  • Actually Wahabi movement got started in Saudi Arabia by Wahab to propagate and promote Islam to political power by Jihad.

  • In 1820, this movement was started in India by Syed Ahmad Barelvi to bring back Muslims to political power by Jihad.

  • British suppressed the Wahabi movement in India. Wahabis were the first prisoners of Andaman.

  • In 1853, Mubariz-ud-Daulah (brother of Nizam) was emerged as the leader of Wahabi movement in Hyderabad. Mubariz was imprisoned in Golconda till his death.

  • Ghulam Rasool Khan (Nawab of Kurnool in AP) was the leader of Wahabis in Kurnool. He was imprisoned in Trichy jail and his kingdom was to annexed to Ceded region.

Aligarh Movement

  • Aligarh Movement was initiated by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He had loyalty towards the British and hence an anti-Nationalist. He firmly believed in western education and not in Madrasa education.

  • In 1875, he started a college called Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental college which afterwards became Aligarh Muslim University.

Deoband Movement

  • Deoband is a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Deoband movement was started by a group of people. It was against the Aligarh movement.

  • It supported the National Movement and it was anti-British. It was firm against the western education and started promoting Madrasa education.

  • In 1866, they started a Madrasa at Deoband called Darul-Uloom (biggest Islamic institution in India). The founders of this Madrasa were Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi and Rashid Ahmad Gangohi.