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Modern History / Independence and Partition

Mountbatten Plan 1947

  • Mountbatten Plan was announced on 3rd June, 1947. Hence, this plan is also known as 3rd June Plan. It recommended for two separate countries, India and Pakistan.

  • The British Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced a declaration On 20th February, 1947, in the British Parliament known as Attlee's Declaration.

  • According to this Declaration, the British would "Quit India after transferring power into responsible hands not later than 30th June, 1948".

  • After this declaration, Lord Mountbatten has been sent to India as the Governor General in March, 1947.

  • Mountbatten announced his Plan on partition of British India. According to this Plan, a Boundary Commission was appointed which was headed by Cyril Radcliffe. He was asked to draw the boundary between India and Pakistan in one month.

  • British authority over Princely States will be ceased and they can join either India or Pakistan or can remain independent.

  • The Constituent Assemblies of both India and Pakistan were free to make their Constitutions separately.

  • The Governor General was to be vested with sufficient powers until March 1948 for effective implementation of the Indian Independence Act, 1947.

  • Mountbatten Plan was approved by the British Parliament as Indian Independence Act, 1947 on 18th July, 1947.