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Modern History / Movements and Revolts

Tribal Uprisings in British India

    There were many tribal uprisings in British India. The main reasons for most of the tribal rebellions were the British interference into the customs of different tribes and intrusion of the British into the tribal areas.

    Causes of Tribal Revolts in British India

    • British objection to Shifting cultivation (Jhumming) as it was harder for the British government to calculate taxes. Every year ploughing lands used to get changed due to Jhumming and it also lead to deforestation.

    • Expansion of British rule over tribal India.

    • Forcible conversion of the tribals by Christian Missionaries. Tribal movements were violent (bloody) in nature.

    Tribal Revolts in British India

    Name of the Tribe Region Year Leader Significance
    Khasi Assam 1829-1832 Tirot Sing and Bormanik
    Kols Jharkhand 1831-1832 Buddho Bhagat
    Khonds Odisha 1846-1860 Chakra Bisoi Revolted against Human Sacrifice Act
    Santhals Bihar 1855-1856 Sidhu and Kanhu (Brothers) Against Dikus (non-tribals and outsiders)
    Kacha Naga Assam 1882 Sambudhan
    Munda Jharkhand 1899-1900 Birsa Munda Against the Christian Missionaries
    Bhils Rajasthan 1913 Govind Guru
    Oraons Jharkhand 1914 Jatra Bhagat
    Kukis and Nagas Manipur 1917 - 1932 Jadonang and later by his cousin Rani Gaidinliu