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Advocate General of a State

    Advocate General of state in India acts in a very similar mode to that of Attorney General. But the only difference is Advocate General does all his work at the State level while Attorney General works at the Central level.

    • State Advocate General is appointed by that particular State Governor.

    • He can remain in the office during the pleasure of the state Governor and he does not have any fixed tenure.

    • He should be possessing all the qualifications of a judge of the High Court.

    • He receives such fee or salary as decided by the Governor.

    • He remains the highest legal officer in the State and is the chief legal advisor to that particular State Government.

    • Advocate General of state in India pleads on behalf of the State Government. He can appear before any authority or court within the State. He can also appear before the Supreme court after taking the permission from Bar council of India.